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Bah is situated at 80 kms South of Agra on the old Agra-Etawah route. Around this area is where Yamuna and Chambal River meet. Area now is thanks to efforts of The Chambal Conservation Foundation (set up in 1999 by Kunwar Ram Pratap Singh and his wife, local royal family members), is known for Gangetic Dolphins, Migratory Birds, Alligators, Crocodiles.

Today Chambal Safari Lodge and area around is a migratory bird watching destination and a must visit for any bird watcher.

Following are areas around that can be explored for bird watching

Chambal Safari Lodge itself is home to a variety of birds and from here - The Chambal Safari organises special Nature Walks along the river banks, around the ravines and in the fields surrounding the National Chambal Sanctuary. Morning and afternoon and late evening rambles are also organised in and around the Chambal Safari Lodge grounds and surrounding farmland.

Sarus Crane Reserve. Recommended for Birders. - The Sarus Crane Conservation Reserve starts around 30 kms from the Chambal Safari Lodge, extending to about 100 kms. It is a widespread wetland area, interspersed by cultivated fields, where large numbers of the Sarus Cranes breed. Although not a protected area, since 1999 the Supreme Court of India, recognising its importance as a habitat has designated the area a reserve with restrictions on development.

River safari on river Chambal - The calm and gentle waters of the Chambal River are best explored on boats and the River Safari provides spectacular opportunities to view the wildlife. The Chambal Safari boatmen are exceptionally skilled at cutting the boat engines, and manoeuvring as close to the birds and animals as possible without disturbing them. Trained naturalists accompany visitors and provide expert information on the Chambal wildlife. The River Safari is a most relaxing, enjoyable and special experience.

The Patna Bird Sanctuary, designated in 1990, covers a wetland habitat of one sq. km. that includes marsh, khajur forest and a lake full of weeds. It is home to over 200 bird species in the winter months. During this period more than 300,000 birds can be found in this area, transforming the small lake into a riot of colours and sounds.

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