Bird Watching around Salt Pans of Dharasana near Valsad

Bird Watching | Resident and Migratory

Lake near Billimora
Common Redshank at Dharasana
Western Reef Egret at Dharasana
Common Crane at Dharasana
Long Tailed Shrike
Common Spoonbill in Dharasana
Painted Storks in Dharasana

Salt Pans of Dharasana near Valsad (15 kms along the Coastal highway) is a little known area and a treasure trove for bird watchers. The area with its shallow waters and lakes are home to nesting of many migratory birds in Winter.

Flamingos, Common Crane, Painted Storks have been spotted here. Other commonly found Birds of Dharasana include Spotted Redshank, Black headed Myna, Black Drongo, Rufus Backed Shrike, Pond Heron, Large Egret, Indian Reef Heron, Common Sandpiper, Grey Shrike etc.

Besides Dharasana, local lakes around Valsad in areas such as Lilapore, Magod, Saron offer excellent bird watching for waterbirds.

Dharasana and Valsad has no birding guides around and even locals are not much aware of presence of these exotic birds. This makes Dharasana and areas around Valsad a complete adventure for an experience bird watcher and can be considered an option for a quick birding getaway ex- Mumbai / Surat / Nashik for Avid bird watchers and photographers.

Note: Dharasana lies mid-way between Valsad and Billimora on Coastal highway

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