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Bhadra Reservoir

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary lies between Shimoga and Chikmagalur at about 300 kms from Bangalore and 200 kms from Mangalore.
The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of rich avian life with birds like the Grey junglefowl, Red spurfowl, Painted bush quail, Emerald dove, Southern green imperial pigeon, Great black woodpecker, Malabar parakeet and Hill myna just to name a few.
While among the reptiles, the Marsh crocodiles are found in the upstream stretches and Monitor lizards are also a common sight. Common otter and Smooth Indian otter are sighted as well. Gaur is a common sight. Leopards are also fairly common, particularly in the Lakkavalli area.
Elephants occur in all parts of the sanctuary and seem to migrate locally between Muthodi and Lakkavalli. Other mammals found in the area are common Palm civet, Stripe necked mongoose, Sloth bear, Large brown flying squirrel, Sambar, Spotted deer and the Wild boar. Guests can also visit Tyverekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari and Sakkrebyle Elephant camp.
Bhadra is not as much a Wildlife and Bird watching destination as much it’s a getaway. The safaris and overall experience provides excellent introduction to wildlife and bird watching for beginners, getaway seekers and photographers. For serious photography and wildlife sighting opting for Parks in central India is recommended.

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    Bhadra ( 1 Kms ), Chikmagalur ( 50 Kms )