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Badami Cave Temple
Pattadakal Temples
Badami Cave Temple

Badami is home to several Cave temples that are well visited by heritage travellers.

Cave Temples

# First Cave - dates back to 578 A.D and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and enshrines a Shivalingam.
# Second Cave - is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and bears images of Vishnu in his Varaha and Trivikrama incarnations.
# Third Cave - is 100-ft deep and dates back to the 5th Century. Houses carved images of Avatars of Lord Vishnu and also murals depicting the divine marriage of Shiva and Parvati
# Fourth Cave - is a rock cut Jain temple and dates back to the 12th century.

Mallikarajuna Temple is built on a star shaped plan and was built in the 11th century.

Aihole - Aihole was the first capital of the early Chalukyas and here several temples are popular and visited for its rock cut architecture. Aihole is visited from Badami.

Padattakkal - Padattakkal lies 22 km from Badami and about 10 km from Aihole. It is well known for its historic temples and is a UNESCO World heritage Site.

Badami is situated between Hampi and Bijapur and visited as a part of heritage triangle.

Typical Stay: 1 night  Seasonality: Oct - March

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