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Saryu River - Photo Courtesy Mukul Faiz
Photos Courtesy Vishwaroop2006
Photos Courtesy Vishwaroop2006

Ayodhya is widely believed to the birth place of Lord Rama and has extensive reference in the epic Ramayana. Ayodhya Pilgrimage therefore is considered of utmost importance for any Lord Rama devotee and generally for all Hindus.

There are number of sites in Ayodhya that would be of pilgrim interest

Ramkot (In the western part of the city). The chief place of worship in Ayodhya is the site of the ancient citadel of Ramkot which stands on an elevated ground and visited by pilgrims throughout the year.

Nageshwarnath Temple (On the bank of the river, on the east side of town). 5AM - 11AM, noon-8PM. It is said to be built by Khush, Lord Rama's son.

Lakshmana Ghat (On the banks of the Sarayu river). This is where Rama's brother Lakshman is said to have voluntarily given up his life-an act called samadhi.

Mani Parbat A former Buddhist vihara (cave with cells) that became a Hindu temple.

Swarg Dwar. According to mythology, Lord Rama is said to have transformed himself into Lord Mahavishnu and left for Vaikunth.

Mani Parbat and Sugriv Parbat The first of these ancient earth mounds is identified with a stupa built by the Emperor Ashoka, while the second is believed to be an ancient monastery.

Treta ke Thakur It is a temple that stands at the place where Rama is said to have performed the Ashwamedha Yagna.

Hanuman Garhi (Right in the center of the town). It is a large structure in the shape of a four sided fort with circular bastions at each corner. The temple is highly revered for its imposing architecture and its religious value.

Kanak Bhawan (Near Hanuman Garhi). The temple is widely known for the images of Sri Rama and Sita wearing gold crowns and because of this the Bhawan is also referred to as Sone-ka-Ghar.

Vijayraghaw temple It is one of the best temple in Ayodhya, build in 2008. In this temple god Ram presented in 12 faces called Viswa-virat(world's big). This temple made by red marbles and stainless steel.

Choti chawni A very big temple made by 100% white marble.

Guests to Ayodhya, typically stay at Faizabad and typically spend entire day visiting different temples.


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