Australian Outback Experience

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Simpsons Gap - Photo Courtesy Prince Roy
Typical Australian Outback Backdrop - Photos Courtesy Gabriele Delhey

The Outback is the remote arid areas of Australia. There are many popular tourist attractions in the outback. Visitors to the outback often drive their own or rented vehicles, or take organised tours. Travel through remote areas on main roads is easily done and requires no advance planning. However travel through very remote areas, on isolated tracks, requires advance planning and a suitable, reliable vehicle.

The Australian Outback is full of very well-adapted wildlife, although much of it may not be immediately visible to the casual observer. Many animals rest during the heat of the day, such as kangaroos and native dogs, the dingo (Australian Dog).

Birdlife is prolific, most often seen at waterholes at dawn and dusk. Huge flocks of budgerigars, cockatoos, corellas and galahs are often sighted. Various species of snakes and lizards bask in the sun in winter, on bare ground or roads, but they are rarely seen during the summer months.

Feral animals such as Camels thrive in central Australia, brought to Australia by the early Afghan drivers. Wild horses known as 'brumbies,' are station horses that have run wild. Feral pigs, foxes, cats and rabbits are also imported animals that degrade the environment, and time and money is spent eradicating them, to help protect fragile rangelands.

Typically guests include an outback experience with a regular itinerary and therefore based on the plan route for an Outback experience.

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