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11 Maruti Temple Map

11 Maruti Temples are a set of 11 Lord Hanuman temples in Maharashtra established in 17th Century by Saint Samarth Ramdas

These temples are located around Satara, Karad, Kalhapur area and are visited as part of a Circuit. List of Temples are as under

1.Shahapur, near Karad (Dated 1644)
2.Masur near Karad (Dated 1645)
3.Chaphal Vir Maruti Temple, near Satara (Dated 1648)
4.Chaphal Das Maruti Temple, near Satara (Dated 1648)
5.Shinganwadi, near Satara (Dated 1649)
6.Umbraj near Masur (Dated 1649)
7.Majgaon, near Satara (Dated 1649)
8.Bahe, near Sangli (Dated 1651)
9.Manapadale, near Kolhapur (Dated 1651)
10.Pargaon, near Panhala (Dated 1651)
11.Shirala (Dated 1654)

11 Maruti Temples can be visited with a 1 night stay each at Kolhapur or Satara.

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