Self Drive Holidays - 5 Things that changed in last Decade

Niraj Vashi | Apr 22, 2016

5 Things that completely changed over last Decade and made self drive holidays more sought after than ever before. more

Six Reasons To Avoid Travel Over A Long Weekend

Niraj Vashi | Jan 04, 2016

Long Weekends are an incidence of a particular date falling on either a Friday or Monday. more

Hike to the Tiger's Nest

Sneha Patil | May 12, 2015

Located near Paro, the Tiger’s Nest is the most sacred monastery in Bhutan and is believed to be the birthplace of Buddhism in Bhutan. more

Rate Dynamism - One Thing I fail to understand

Niraj Vashi | Mar 10, 2015

So if we think customer is king, then it's time we stopped playing games with customers and all stakeholders of travel trade work together to grow the market. more

5 Travel Trends that will become mainstream one day

Niraj Vashi | Feb 26, 2015

Living with a villager, visiting a craftsmen, participating in local rituals, there are many dimensions of experiential travel that were earlier western travellers only domain. more

5 Travel Trends that have become Mainstream

Niraj Vashi | Feb 13, 2015

Last 5 years saw travellers evolve to a level where they actively sought ethnic cuisine, street food and local culinary experiences. more

Travelogue - Kutch Rickshaw Trail

Sneha Patil | Dec 31, 2014

For every planned trip there must be room for such trips where one can just get away from the touristy India that gets featured into tourism guides and take a peek into real India, its culture, heritage and cuisine. more

Bhutan: The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Sneha Patil | Sep 26, 2014

Perched high on the mighty Himalayas, Bhutan is truly a mystical and magical Shangri-La. Right from the moment your plane begins its descent at Paro Airport, you are mesmerised by the breath taking and daunting Himalayan Valleys of Bhutan. more

India & Indian Travellers: Few Observations

Niraj Vashi | Jul 07, 2014

A lot has been written about India and Indian Travellers but what I hear and what I see (over 15 years of selling travel) there is a big variance. more

14% Hike in Railway fares - Is it justified?

Niraj Vashi | Jul 02, 2014

Railways has long been lifeline of India ferrying hundreds of millions of passengers everyday. If there is one thing that unites everyone than its Railways. more